Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Product] Hollowpoint

VSCA Publishing has just released Hollowpoint, a game where players are agents with dubious morals and will use dubious means to complete their mission.

Inspired by the themes from 100 Bullets, Wanted, Ronin, Heat and The Magnificent Seven, Hollowpoint is a game which models action scenes in quick and bloody repetition.

The game uses plenty of d6s in a post hoc method to interpret and narrate the actions by the characters which are fast and could lead to unexpected twist. Character death is rewarded when it leads to a major plot twist and the rules are re-skinnable as long as it meets the premise of a team of bad people being bad and awesome.

Hollowpoint is now available as a 110 page paperback for $19.95 on Lulu. A PDF version will be released shortly.

VSCA Publishing also created Diaspora: hard science fiction roleplaying with Fate which won the 2010 ENnie Awards for the Best Rule category.

(Picture credit to Lulu)

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