Thursday, July 14, 2011

[Product] The Mall of Doom

Outland Arts has released The Mall of Doom, their first adventure for The Mutant Epoch Roleplaying Game.

In this adventure for 6 to 10 1st rank characters, they are asked to investigate the disappearance of villagers living in the newly re-inhabited farm-fortress of Walsave.

As they explore the underground confines of an ancient shopping mall, they discover that the disappearances are more than meets the eye and they also have to navigate through the different interests of the villagers, from a bizzare cult to the founders of the settlement.

The Mall of Doom, written by William McAusland, has a Multi-Path adventure design which gives it a replay value so that no two run through of the adventure is the same. It can also be played solo to test the survival instincts of the player.

Other than that, the adventure has 1 new creature, 2 new relics and nearly a dozen of maps and player handouts, not including the 60 illustrations that are contained within its 136 pages. You can see a 8 page PDF preview of the adventure here.

The Mall of Doom requires The Mutant Epoch Roleplaying Game Hub Rules Book to play.

A paperback version can be ordered at Lulu for $16.99 or you can purchase the PDF at RPGNow for $7.99.

(Picture credit to Lulu)

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