Saturday, July 16, 2011

[Product] GURPS Tactical Shooting

Steve Jackson Games has released GURPS Tactical Shooting, the supplement to bring realism shooting to the game table of GURPS 4th Edition.

Building off the foundation laid by GURPS High-Tech, the supplement not only expands on the new guns and firearm equipment with 30 new items, including tripods, sights,camouflages and ammo options, but also adds dozens of new rules to simulate realistic gunfights, from firing stances to high speed firing.

GURPS Tactical Shooting also gives players new options such as 20 new perks and techniques of using their firearms and six styles of gunfighting.

Written by Hans-Christian Vortisch, the 87 page supplement also gives information on tactics to survive gunfights in ambushes and urban environments and debunk certain myths from real gunfights.

You can see a 9 page preview of the supplement here.

GURPS Tactical Shooting is now available as a PDF at e23 for $12.99.

(Picture credit to e23)

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