Saturday, July 16, 2011

[Product] Midgard Bestiary Vol. 1 (AGE System)

For years, Open Design has released numerous adventures and sourcebooks with numerous original designs and monsters. Midgard Bestiary Vol. 1 is a compilation of monsters from the Free City of Zoebeck, the empire of the ghouls, the courts of the shadow and river fey, the Old Margreve Forest and the Ironcrags, all converted for the AGE system.

Among the 50 monsters that can be found in the Bestiary are the iron ghoul, kobold slyblade, harem assassin and the clockwork hound. Although designed as a collection of monsters from Open Design's Midgard campaign setting, it can be easily adapted for other AGE system or homebrew settings.

Green Ronin Publishing has provided a preview for the Eye Golem, which you can read in full here.

Midgard Bestiary Vol. 1 (AGE System) is now available as a PDF at the Kobold Quarterly Store for $4.99.

(Picture credit to Kobold Quarterly Store)

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