Sunday, July 17, 2011

[News] Dreamscarred Press Announces First Adventure Path

Dreamscarred Press has announced From the Deep Adventure Path; their first adventure path set in their psionic world of the Third Dawn Campaign Setting.

Jeremy Smith of Dreamscarred Press announced this at ENWorld and said that the adventure path would be released in six parts, starting off with the first adventure Uncertain Futures in the Ophid Protectorates.

Using the Pathfinder RPG rules and also requires Dreamscarred's Psionic Unleashed, the adventure path will take characters from 1st to 18th level, as they fight against enemies that have found a way to disrupt the flow of psionic energy in the setting. The adventure path will take them to uncover secrets of the Orphid Protectorate and the Marquoran Fleet, whether underground, underwater or across continents.

The adventure path is written by Michael McCarthy, with Uncertain Future in the Ophid Protectorates beginning in the Protectorate City of Arbil. The first adventure will also include a write-up of the kobold race and rules for psionic duels.

According to Smith, a Player's Guide for the adventure path would be released as a free download later this month with the first adventure following shortly after.

(Picture credit to RPGNow)

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