Monday, July 25, 2011

[Product] Schroedinger’s Box

Silver Gryphon Games has released Schroedinger’s Box, the fifth adventure of the Wellstone City Chronicles set in the titular city.

In this adventure for 3 to 6 player characters, they have been hired to extract a criminal witness alive from a hotel but is wanted dead by every criminal syndicate that has placed a reward for his death so high that even the authorities protecting him are having second thoughts of making sure he stays alive.

Written by Kevin Rohan, with maps of the hotel by Fabled Environments, this 26 page PDF adventure contains detailed room descriptions and NPCs to increase the difficulty of this meat-grinder adventure.

The adventure has two versions; one for Savage Worlds and the other for the Æther Gaming System.

Schroedinger’s Box is only available in PDF format and can be purchased at RPGNow (Savage Worlds, Æther Gaming System), DriveThru RPG (Savage Worlds, Æther Gaming System) or at the Silver Gryphon Games store (Savage World, Æther Gaming System) for $3.50.

(Picture credit to Silver Gryphon Games)

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