Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Product: Peril in Freeport

Aquatic Terror in the City of Adventure!

Something evil lurks in the waters off Freeport!

A tidal wave and the ravings of a shipwrecked halfling lead your heroes to discover a conspiracy to sink ships headed in and out of Freeport, a black market in stolen cargo, a slaver’s hideout, a Great Hunt called by the Captain’s Council, and a final showdown against a horrific plan to release an abyss-spawned sea monster from its centuries-old prison!

Adamant Entertainment has just released Peril in Freeport, a Pathfinder adventure for 6th to 8th level characters set in Green Ronin's Freeport: City of Adventure.

Written by Nate Christen, with art done by new art director Rich Hershey and A. Nemo, the 64 page adventure is now available on RPGNow for $9.95 and a softcover print would be available soon.

(Picture credit to RPGNow)

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