Tuesday, May 24, 2011

News: Triune by Happy Bishop Games open for pre-order

Triune is a science fiction RPG set in an alternate future when humanity accidentally discovers gates to Heaven and Hell where angels and devils are locked in an eternal conflict.

Due to the opening of the gates, both sides have tried to pull humanity on their side but humanity has chosen to remain neutral and forms a treaty with both sides to ensure humanity's neutrality in the conflict. As a result, humanity enacts a Reality Protection Act that bans all religious worship on the world.

In Triune, players take on the role of Enforcers who are a para-military police force that investigates any links that any humans might have with angels or devils that would turn the tide of the conflict, but are they themselves not working as agents for either side?

Designed by WJ MacGuffin, Triune uses a 'strategic' d10 mechanic dubbed The Effort System which allows players to balance risk and reward on their dice roll.

Each character gains special powers from three character classes based on real-world religions and their actions can influence humanity to whichever side they choose.

The game also introduces the Weave, which is described 'as an internet-like system that allows characters to draw out needed gear out of thin'.

But most interestingly, Triune claims to have a system that allows no character death.

Happy Bishop Games is now taking pre-orders for the Triune Corebook Players' Edition ($11.99) and Triune Corebook Gamemasters' Edition ($13.99) PDFs.

The Players' Edition would have all the rules for players to play while the Gamemasters' Edition will have all the content in the Players' Edition, plus content for GMs.

Happy Bishop Games is currently giving a $2 discount off anyone who pre-orders either editions at their webstore in conjunction with their pre-order launch but you can first check out their Quickstarter Rules for free that is downloadable from the webstore.

Triune is expected to be released in the next two weeks and would be available in softcover print but they are not receiving pre-orders for that yet.

To find more information about the setting of Triune, you should also check out their Glossary.

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