Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Product: Enemies of NeoExodus: First Ones

Everything Here Is a Lie. Only fools trust anything the First Ones say, do or think. You have been warned.

The First Ones - the name strikes terror into the heart of the people of Exodus. They are the bogeymen, formed of living shadow, that stalk the people. They control monsters and abominations that are loose upon the world. They snatch children and lone travelers. They torture men for their own pleasure and cavort with fiends to do their dark bidding.

Those are but myths. The truth is far worse.

“The First Ones” is the name given to a group of humanoid creatures who ruled Exodus before the Age of Man. Today, the First Ones include five races: the Aneishi, the Exodites, the Khaynites, the Kroca and the Kobura.

In days past, each race served a specific purpose, but with the rise of the Kaga and the destruction of their empire, the First Ones remain roughly united by their desire to return to power and to once again relish in luxury while others toil for their pleasure and their comfort.

Enemies of NeoExodus: First Ones, released by LPJ Design, is a supplement in the LPJ Design line for the NeoExodus: A House Divided neo-fantasy punk setting.

The 49 page supplement, written by Joshua Cole with J.P. Chapleau, Benjamin Wenham and Louis Porter Jr. for Pathfinder, details the history of the First Ones and guides GMs on how to use them in the NeoExodus setting, along with famous First Ones to be used as NPCs.

Mechanics-wise, the supplement introduces 25 new feats, 2 new spells, eight new monsters and two creature types.

The supplement also comes with a combat & initiative tracker, character sheets and monster cards.

Enemies of NeoExodus: First Ones
is available at RPGNow.

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