Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sales: USHER Dossiers 75% Off for 24 Hours

Vigilance Press is offering their official setting for the Vigilance Universe set in World War II at 75% off for a limited time.

Written by Charles Rice for the ICONS system, the 136 setting book contains details of The Minuteman, two opposing factions that used to fight for the same cause, terrorist organisations, black marketeers and time enforcement agency to set you in the Vigilance Universe where metahumans and ordinaries walk side by side.

The book also contains a full timeline of the universe starting from 7,000 BCE.

Hurry over here to get USHER Dossiers for $1.99 (reduced from $7.95) while the sales still last.

(The sale was still on as the time of this posting)

(Picture credit to RPGNow)

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