Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[Product] Cytheria the Blasphemer

Fiendishly beautiful, and steely-eyed, this dangerous woman leaves a swath of chaos and death in her wake. Disguised as a glowing holy champion of good, Cytheria takes willing local innocents while disguised and converts them to serve her dark masters.

TPK Games has released Cytheria the Blasphemer, a LE Human female Antipaladin 9/ (Un)Holy Vindicator 1 NPC from their Infamous Adversaries line, for the Pathfinder RPG.

Cytheria, from the Order of Eternal Torment, and her Babau devil servant, is meant to be a worthy and hated adversary for party of level 7 to 11.

Each Infamous Adversaries NPC comes with complete stat blocks hyperlinked to the d20PFSRD, full color portraits and fully fleshed details such as motives, appearances, history, personality, network, resources, lairs, tactics, morale, advancement options and villainous quote.

They also come with plot hooks for GMs to easily integrated them into their games.

Cytheria the Blasphemer PDF is available at the Paizo store for $1.99.

(Picture credit to Paizo)

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