Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[News] Burning Wheel Gold Up for Limited Pre-Order

Burning Empires has started taking pre-orders for Burning Wheel Gold but they are only taking 250 pre-orders in total.

Starting on July 11, 50 copies of Burning Wheel Gold would be available at the Burning Empires webstore at 12 PM EST per day for the next five days until all copies have been pre-ordered.

Burning Wheel Gold compiles the Revised Edition of Burning Wheel and the Character Burner into a massive 600 page hardcover book, that has also been rearranged and updated by the game authors. Each copy would also be stamped and signed.

For more information of what you could find in Burning Wheel Gold, here's a YouTube video by Team Covenant:

The Burning Wheel Gold is available for $25 and can be pre-ordered here.

(Picture credit to Burning Empires webstore)

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