Monday, June 27, 2011

Product: Book of Drakes

Open Design has just released the Book of Drakes, which was put up for preview at the recent PaizoCon.

The Book of Drakes, made compatible with the Pathfinder RPG, is a guide for GMs to introduce the distant dragonkin to players whether as friends, familiars or foes, whether in Open Design's Midgard setting or a setting of their own.

Written by Adam Daigle and Mike Welham, the guide introduces 20 ready-to-play drakes, drake familiars and improved familiars, draconic feats and abilities and new drake spells.

It also comes with a system to build a suitable leveled drake for any party in any environment.

The Book of Drakes PDF is now available at the Kobold Quarterly store and Paizo for $6.99 but they are offering it at a special price of $4.95 for this week.

(Picture credit to Kobold Quarterly)

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