Sunday, April 24, 2011

Product: Tunnels & Trolls Miniatures

Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St Andre has enlisted miniature maker Jason Youngdale to produce some miniatures for Trollhalla, the exclusive Tunnels & Trolls fanclub.

In a post at the Trollish Delver, the miniatures were created as a result of the response that St Andre had received from members of the fanclub on whether they should produce some minis.

The first glimpse of the Tunnels & Trolls miniatures can be viewed at Ken St Andre's Flickr account.

EDIT: Ken St Andre has said that the project is still at the 'testing the waters' stage to determine its feasibility.

He added that even if the project is successful, the miniatures would be made for fans and collectors only and he does not foresee it being mass produced.

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  1. Let's get the story straight. These are Trollhalla miniatures for possible use with Tunnels & Trolls--not Tunnels & Trolls miniatures. The project is just at its dipping its toes in the water right now to see if it's even feasible. If it works out, I may be having some original Trollhalla minis made for T & T fans and collectors only. I don't expect it go ever go mass production.
    --Ken St. Andre