Saturday, April 23, 2011

News: Savage Mojo launches fundraiser to print Caladon Falls

Savage Mojo has launched a Caladon Falls Print Fundraiser at IndieGoGo and is offering a range of perks to those who sponsor them, depending on the amount of their sponsorship.

Savage Mojo is hoping to raise $7,500 so that it would be able to print 750 limited edition print-run copies of Caladon Falls, printed in hardcover and high quality paper.

The 144 page book will contain details of the realm of Relic, new Edges, Hindrances and Powers, new playable races, stats for dozens of NPCs and monsters alike and scenarios including the arrival of the Warlocks and the fight for survival of Caladon Kingdom.

Here's a trailer that they have posted up on their IndieGoGo page.

Caladon Falls is the first fantasy setting by Savage Mojo, created by a team of award winning writers and artist including Aaron Acevedo, Phil Brucato, Jason Engle and John Wick.

Caladon Falls was first released as a line of PDFs in November 2010 and uses the Savage World rules by Pinnacle Entertainment.

If the fundraising goals are met, the book is expected to be available before GenCon 2011 and would be sold at a retail price of $34.99.

(Picture credit to Savage Mojo)

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