Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[News] The Story Engine has a Plus Edition

Precis Intermedia has published a new edition of the Story Engine, Story Engine Plus Edition, with has new organizations, options and genre plug-ins for the scene-driven roleplaying game with adjective-based characters.

The 148 Plus Edition comes with the complete Story Engine rules with introductory rules and options to customize the system. It also comes with plug-ins to be used in a western, sci-fi and fantasy setting and two adventures.

Story Engine Plus
is now available as a PDF for $9.95 and you can place a pre-order for a softcover of the book for an additional $13 at the Precis Intermedia store.

The Story Engine system was first used in the Maelstrom Storytelling Game in 1996. It was then published for universal play in 1999 by Hubris Games and a revised edition was released in 2001.

(Picture credit to Precis Intermedia)

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