Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Product: The Prophecy Revealed

Blackbyrne Publishing has released the Pathfinder version of The Prophecy Revealed; an adventure for four to six 3rd level characters set on an island where they have to led a group of freed lizardfolk slaves back to their tribal home and thereupon discover themselves to be part of prophecy thousands of years in the making.

The Prophecy Revealed is the third part of Blackbyrne Publishing's Dark Veil Campaign Arc and is 72 pages, written by Jeff Gupton. The adventure also comes with printable maps for 1'' base miniatures and monster stats sheet with an initiative tracker.

A Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition version of the adventure would be released soon after.

The Prophecy Revealed is available as a PDF for $11.90 (now currently reduced to $6.90) at DriveThru RPG.

(Picture credit to DriveThru RPG)

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