Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Product: In the Company of Tengu

We are children of the wind and the mountain.

We are tengu. Our way is the way of the sword, the path of the warrior. The highest challenge for a tengu is that which tests both heart and soul, mind and body. We seek enlightenment at the edge of good steel. When each movement flows seamlessly into the next, a perfect dance of flesh and wind and flashing blade, we find peace. Listen and I will teach you wisdom, I will tell you of the tengu...

Rite Publishing has released In the Company of Tengu, a supplement compatible with the Pathfinder RPG to play as the bird-like race from the Kaidan setting.

In the 21 page supplement, written by Jonathan McAnulty with the cover art done by Mark Hyzer, you will find;
  • Three new archetypes for the Cavalier (Tenguhatamoto; Order of the Boar), Fighter (Tengubushi) and Paladin (Tenguyamabushi) classes.

  • A new 1st to 20th level racial paragon class (Hishoken).

  • 10 new Tengu related feats.
In the Company of Tengu is available at the Paizo storefront for $3.99.

(Picture credit to Paizo)

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