Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product: Grunt

Terror. Sheer blind terror sublimated and spat back out of the barrel of an M16. The fear and isolation. The desperation to get out alive - just to get out and get home. A green hell populated by a people who despise you and want to kill you. Or maim you. Or send you mad. This is the Vietnam War. This is GRUNT.
Grunt, from Zozer Games, is a roleplaying game set during the Vietnam War that simulates the gritty realism of the war, supported by years of research and development, over badass heroics in the movies.

The game allows players to play as an infantry soldier from the 1st Cavalry Division as they enter into the kill zone filled with booby traps, snipers, rocket-propelled grenades, and deadly firefights in the jungle. Not only that but players have to make sure that their characters can survive the mental threats that can drive them mad in the warzone.

The mechanics revolves around the d6, which has combat rules that simulate jungle fights where you can rarely seen the enemy, and quick and flavorful rules for actions. The main highlight of the game rules is a measurement for Stress in order for them to maintain their sanity.

Grunt was written by Paul Elliott who started developing the game since 1995 and in the course of his research, he even published a book on the Vietnam War in 1998. This is an assurance that the advice and background information found in Grunt is backed up by some heavy research. There are also advice on how to build combat missions and 12 scenario seeds based on the music tracks by The Doors.

Grunt, is a 85 page PDF, that is available at DriveThru RPG for $6.99.

(Picture credit to DriveThru RPG)

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