Saturday, June 25, 2011

News: Savage World Deluxe Edition Saturday Is On

It's Savage Worlds Deluxe Saturday and Pinnacle Entertainment has released the PDF version of their new Savage World Deluxe Edition, which you can purchase at Studio 2 Publishing.

They are also taking in pre-orders for the print copies of the new edition of their Savage Worlds rulebooks at their booth in Origins and at the Studio 2 Publishing website, which is expected to be shipped in August 2011.

Apart from a print and PDF bundle which gives a special discount to the PDF, Pinnacle has also put together Megabundle with includes both the print and PDF version of the Deluxe Edition that comes together with the Savage Worlds Action & Adventure Decks, including the promo cards.

The Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition is a 160 page, full color and full size update of the 3rd printing of the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition. The Deluxe Edition contains more rules updates, examples, rules material, new art and an expanded Setting rules section. It will not invalidate any previous printing of the rules.

The Deluxe Edition will also contain Designer Notes to give an insight look at how the rules were developed.

The Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition is available on PDF for $19.99 or print for $29.99 . You can purchase both in a bundle for $39.99.

For the Savage World Deluxe Edition Megabundle, it is available for $64.99.

Head over to the Studio 2 Publishing site to place your pre-order.

(Picture credit to Studio 2 Publishing)

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