Saturday, June 18, 2011

News: Mongoose Publishing to distribute Wayfarers and renames RuneQuest II system

Mongoose Publishing has made a deal with Ye Olde Gaming Company to be its print distributor for the latter's Wayfarers RPG.

According to a post on Plant Mongoose, Mongoose is expecting to have the print copies of the Wayfarers RPG on shelves by the second week of December this year and this will be followed by the World of Twylos supplement in January.

As a result of their newly acquired distribution rights, Mongoose has decided to to rename its RuneQuest II core system, which currently holds the closely name of Wayfarer after it had lost the RuneQuest license, to avoid confusion.

Wayfarer would now be known as Legend and a new core rulebook of the system is planned to be released in October this year.

The rules of Legend would be 100% compatible with the RuneQuest II system and is not meant to invalidate any of the prior products that were written under that system.

Mongoose is considering to include several tweaks in the new core rulebook but assured that, if any, it will be minor and will be made available for free on their website.

Mongoose also listed its tentative release schedule for the new brand.

Legend: The core rulebook
Monsters of Legend

The Spider God's Bride
Rouen - City of Sanctified Sinners

Arms of Legend

Vikings of Legend

The new product line would be printed in digest format and will be priced no more than $19.99. Mongoose is also planning to produce an 'open license' with fewer restrictions that the OGL, for third party publishers to produce their own content using the Legend system.

(Picture credit to Ye Olde Gaming Company)

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