Saturday, June 11, 2011

News: D101 Games to cease publishing Wordplay next month

D101 Games has announced that they will stop printing Wordplay The Big Five starting next month, as the game will return to the hands of its creator Graham Spearing.

Therefore before the end of this month, D101 Games is having a sale of Wordplay The Big Five, both print and PDF, before it is taken off their shelves.

Newt Newport of D101 Games said that he made the decision after speaking with Wordplay The Big Five creator Graham Spearing, who was previously unable to support the game, and would now be focusing on other lines from the company.

In a posting at the D101 Games site, he said:
At the time Wordplay The Big Five was published, back in April 2010, Graham was unable to support the game, but now that he is it makes sense for me to bow it and let him carry it forward. I’ve simply got too much on my plate with other games to do it justice any-more.

It s been a joy to publish the Big Five. As a result I’ve had some lovely life experiences and I’ll always have my copy of the big white book (a print proof with the slightly different cover) to cherish.

The print version of the game is now going off at £10/$16USD at Lulu, while the PDF bundle which includes the Wordplay core rulebook, the four mini-settings or 'themes' and The Drowned Lands is sold for £5/$8 USD at DriveThru RPG.

Wordplay The Big Five is narrative roleplaying game that utilizes a d6 dice pool mechanic, based on the number of successes, for resolution. Characters are generated based on one line free-form concepts with traits split between Body, Mind and Soul and goals that characters have to achieve.

(Picture credit to D101 Games)

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