Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Product: Living Legends solving crime In Broad Daylight

Monkey House Games co-founder Jeff Dee has created Living Legends, a roleplaying game set in the superhero setting of Villains and Vigilantes, according to ICv2.

This is an updated version of the classical Living Legends, and will offer a point-buy system or an optional random generation method for character generation and faster paced mechanics.

The 160 page standalone core rulebook, designed and illustrated by Jeff Dee himself, also has over 80 powers for players to customize their superheroes.

The softcover book is expected to be retailed at $32.99.

Meanwhile, ICv2 also reports that Monkey House Games would also be releasing an adventure module that is compatible with Living Legends and Villains and Vigilantes in August.

In Broad Daylight, the players would have to solve the mysterious disappearance of a fashion model in front of a crowd.

The module would also contain the stats and background of 'The Indestructible' team which has been featured on the covers of the the classical V&V books.

In Broad Daylight, written by Monkey House Games co-founder Jack Herman and illustrated by Jeff Dee, would have 88 pages and is set with a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Both books are currently available as PDFs at the Monkey House Games page in RPGNow.

Villains & Vigilantes was created by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee in 1979 and is said to be the classical superhero roleplaying game after it went out of print. Monkey House Games have recently signed a distribution deal with Cubicle 7 Entertainment in March, giving the V&V a comeback to store shelves after 20 years.

The deal also included Cubicle 7 Entertainment carrying the Living Legends line in the V&V universe.

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