Sunday, April 17, 2011

News: The Oerth Journal Returns

The Oerth Journal, a free fan-made periodical focused on the Greyhawk campaign setting, is back after 2 years and is looking for new submissions.

With a new staff under new leadership, the Oerth Journal is once again looking for unofficial materials to fill in their regular features of adventures, gazetteers, esoterica, 'alternate' Greyhawks, NPCs, deities, adventure sites and simple lore for fans of the setting.

Guidelines of the submissions can be found here and there's a list of suggested topics that contributors are welcomed to explore in their articles.

The periodical is also accepting rule-specific articles, regardless of edition (including Pathfinder and OSR systems), artworks and fan-fiction.

The Oerth Journal released its first issue in 1995 and was not seen again after its 25th issue in 2009. The Greyhawk Grognard has an index of the articles written in all the 25 issues.

For more information on submission guidelines or the Oerth Journal itself, you may visit the Oerth Journal blog or e-mail

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