Sunday, April 24, 2011

Convention: KantCon 2011

KantCon is a new gaming convention for tabletop hobby gamers to play games, from cardgames, boardgames to RPGs, for three days in the Kansas City Area.

The convention will be held at the Johnson Community College Regnier Centre at Overland Parks, KS from July 8 to July 10.

This year, Gamer Ground, Secret Skeleton Miniatures, Black Blade Publishing and Silver Gryphon Games will be the vendors that will be at the convention.

Among the events that will be happening aside from open gaming is a Paint-n-Take of miniatures provided by Eureka Miniatures and a KantCon Awards ceremony for Best Roleplayer and other awards.

KantCon is currently opening a special pre-registration period until the 27th. Attendees who pre-register now will be given a free RPG book from the Gamer's Haven Podcast Prize Stack with products for D&D 4E, 3rd and 3.5 edition, Sword and Wizardry and other games.

They would also be given some exclusive merchandises from the convention, if they introduce a friend to pre-register with them.

There are also prize support from Green Ronin Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games and others which will be given away at the convention.

KantCon was first held in 2009 when its organizers couldn't attend the annual Gen Con after 13 years. KantCon managed to draw in many unlucky gamers alike and it has moved from a invitation only to public event that has grown bigger.

For more information, visit their website KantCon.

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